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Upon orders from Nick Fury, Hawkeye broke into the Helicarrier to access the Avengers Initiative database in order to test its security. He learned about each of the choices Fury had made for the Avengers , Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man and Thor. Black Widow, ignorant of his assignment, fought the masked Hawkeye until . Clint Barton , code name Hawkeye , is a S. Weiter zu Avengers – Hawkeye later rescues Edwin Jarvis and his mother from a mugger.

In gratitude, Jarvis invites Hawkeye to Avengers Mansion and stages a confrontation to allow the archer to clear his name and gain the trust of the Avengers. Waffe ein Recurvebogen (im Film Thor ist er mit einem Compoundbogen zu sehen) war. Hawkeye is then sponsored by his former enemy Iron Man, who sees . Er hat erstaunlich gute Augen und . Clint and Natasha – us against the world – Duration: 3:06. Jeremy Renner has figured it out for you.

Wind River Cory Lambert. II Arrival Ian Donnelly.

Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation William Brandt. Starting out as a b-list Iron Man villain, Hawkeye became cemented in Avengers lore when the hotheaded bowman was selected to join the team as a replacement for Iron Man. Warning: SPOILERS AHEAD! Who is the best Avenger ? Newcomers Quicksilver and . Not long ago, Marvel released a teaser poster and a trailer for The Avengers both including Hawkeye , the greatest archer in the Marvel universe.

The relationship between master-assassins-turned-SHIELD- agents Clint “ Hawkeye ” Barton and Natasha “Black Widow” Romanoff intrigued me from the start . NEWS: This is why Loki never ended up being in Avengers : Age of Ultron. Find and save ideas about Clint barton on Pinterest. See more ideas about Hawkeye , Hawkeye marvel and Avengers headcanon. Strategic Homeland Intervention, Enforcement and Logistics Division in Marvel movie lingo) . Before she was known as Natasha Romanoff, Black Widow and member of the Avengers , Natalia Alianovna Romanova was an assassin. Trained to kill at a very young age, Natalia is considered the best asset at the Red Room.

Getting the chance to train under the Winter Soldier must be one of the best opportunities for her . Armed with his weapon of choi. The Avengers and Jule, the red lightning by marvelous_gurl (Starkdaughter) with 2reads. Is there an official explanation as to how Hawkeye (and company) was able to fly a Quinjet right up to the Helicarrier, clearly within visual range of flight deck staff and launch an attack? It was a False Flag attack, meaning they pretended to be good Shield Agents prior to setting off the explosion.

Well to start with, she and Barton were clearly close during Avengers moreso than you seem to imply.

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