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Iife angularjs

An IIFE removes variables from the global scope. This helps prevent variables . The options are via a variable, such as var myApp = angular. You are not using an IIFE , you are executing your own function and setting it to the $scope variable.

Also, an IIFE will not make it run on page load.

Query exposes $ and jQuery , although it has an option that it only exposes jQuery ). The parens are invoking it immediately. As far as rewriting it could be defined with a name and then called. Because it would be called only once there is no need to give it a name.

There are other reasons to use IIFE ( like closures for encapsulating data or getting around async code) but . Instead it is just run. Just put the code directly in. You could use an IIFE to wrap your controller, factories, directives as a good practice as they will prevent adding to global scope.

You need to include your controller file below app. ExampleController. Please enter name ng-model=name ng -focus=onNameFocused(). A SEAF is also known as an IIFE which is short for . Hello All, So I kind of just discovered the IIEF pattern.

It is working in this example: jsfiddle. When I do this the message that should be hidden is shown: jsfiddle. What I am doing wrong that the IIFE is breaking the app? Options ng-model=vm.

Model ng-change= vm. Hi there, welcome back. They help you separate your code, protect your variables, and provide an easy way to expose only the parts of your component that you want to be exposed. Javascript modules are a design pattern that allow you to encapsulate your code into smaller self managing pieces.

I have defined an immediately invoked function expression ( IIFE ) inside the for loop, which is a function that is evaluated immediately (an as a consequence, is often called a self-executing function). Here is the basic structure of an IIFE. AngularJS : Custom Directive in IIFE Style.